Hydro Track Plus
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About the Hydro Track Plus

This product is designed for efficiency with optimal performance. The self-contained unit with built in pump, filtration system and water container requires minimal floor space, thus eliminating costly renovations and expansions involved with other larger units. Model 1104 offers the industry's only built in overhead lift.....
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  • Serving Clients since 1990
  • Unique Self-Contained Unit
  • Built-in Overhead Lift
  • Smallest footprint (3' x 8')


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Advantages of Aquatic therapy using underwater treadmills

Aquatic therapy using underwater treadmill training in adults has been studied to improve physical fitness and reduce the weight bearing challenges of walking. Underwater treadmill training is an innovative way to unload body weight that allows a person with gait impairment to walk on a treadmill submerged in a water tank. Gait training can be performed in a very controlled setting with an underwater treadmill because speed, water depth and water temperature can be easily manipulated and reproduced, as well as adjusted to achieve a point of relative neutral buoyancy. Patients utilizing aquatic therapy with Hydro Track Underwater Treadmill have been found to demonstrated meaningfully improved motor function, improved sense of self-confidence and personal well-being.

The unique self-contained pump, filtration system and water container in the Hydro Track design, combined with the smallest footprint in the underwater treadmill industry enables therapy practices to offer this modality without major renovation expense.

Buy Factory Direct and Save

The biggest PLUS in Hydro TrackPLUS is the tremendous savings in cost when purchasing the Hydrotrack directly from the manufacturer. Through an exclusive partnership with the treadmill's manufacturer, Conray, Inc., we offer fair pricing while ensuring customer service and satisfaction through our years of experience in the underwater treadmill industry.

Purchasing the Hydro Track best underwater treadmill system has never been easier or more affordable. Due to direct factory representation, Hydro Track Plus is able to offer a much improved price point that translates into direct savings for therapy practices eager to obtain an aquatic therapy program that will bring a fuller state-of-art therapy for your practice.

We offer convenient purchase and lease plans to make acquiring a Hydro Track Underwater Treadmill simple and easy. Call or Email Us Today for details on how you can take advantage of the cost savings on Hydro Track Underwater Treadmills, the best underwater treadmill in the industry.